Procedure for closure

Should we need to close due to snow/ice or any other reason please check our website/Facebook or – alternatively you can call the preschool mobile on 07821179534.

Broadmoor Warning

As parents are aware Broadmoor is a high security hospital for psychiatric patients located at Crowthorne. In the event of an inmate escaping from Broadmoor during a pre-school session the children will remain locked inside the building until collected by the known parent/carer.


In the event of a fire at pre-school, children may be collected from Cranford Park C of E Primary School. Regular fire drills are rehearsed with the children so they should not be concerned.


If your child is unwell, please do not bring them to pre-school. We do not have facilities for caring for sick children. Also if your child was unwell during the night and appears to have recovered by breakfast time please think carefully before sending them into pre-school that day. If a child has been sick then we insist that they are kept off for at least 48 hours. We have had incidents in the past of children coming to pre-school apparently recovered but find themselves unable to cope with the session. Please let the pre-school know if your child will not be attending by contacting us on 01252 861565.

Emergency Response Plan Handbook

We have developed general operating guidelines, and procedures for a list of critical events and emergencies. This plan will not limit the use of experience, good judgment, common sense, discretion, flexibility, and ingenuity to adapt to any type of critical event, emergency, and the complexities which exist under emergency conditions.


In the event of any complaints about Yateley Community Pre-School or a member of staff, we will follow our Complaints Policy and our Registering Body – OFSTED will be informed. They can be contacted at:

National Business Unit,
Royal Exchange Buildings, St Ann’s Square,
Manchester M2 7LA
0300 123 1231